Which Pool Tools Are The Most Energy-Efficient?

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Which Pool Tools Are The Most Energy-Efficient For 2018?

Leading, Energy-Efficient Pool Heaters

Electric Pool Heat Pumps

Hands down, the most energy-efficient pool heaters on the market today are electric pool heat pumps. While they typically use more electricity than gas heaters, they do not need fossil fuels, causing their energy-efficiency to dramatically go up. Furthermore, by producing more heat output than their energy input, they are our top picks for energy-efficiency. Try to purchase electric pool heat pumps with scroll compressors and a higher COP or coefficient of performance.

Solar Pool Heaters

What’s better than electric pool heat pumps? We used to think that couldn’t be possible. However, with the advent of solar energy, solar pool heaters are the latest energy-efficient leaders. Solar pool heaters do not use gas or utilize electric hook-ups; therefore, they only indirectly use energy to run the pool pump, which saves you tons of money.

Energy-Efficient Pool Cleaners

Suction Pool Cleaners

Suction Pool Cleaners do not require any additional power hook-ups. However, they do operate on the suction pressure if they are running the pool pump. Therefore, suction pool cleaners are usually considered the most-efficient pool cleaners.

Shine Bright With These Energy-Efficient Pool Lights

Like other pool tool categories, there are three types of underwater pool lights: Halogen, Incandescent and LED. It comes as no surprise that LED pool lights are the most energy-efficient lights to use. The old model of in-ground pool lights can be easily replaced with modernized, LED swimming pool lights that should save you up to 75% in energy as well as increase your overall, backyard design appeal.

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