Keep Your Utility Bill Down While You Swim

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Alright, we feel pretty bad for our friends over in the northeast; they blazed through crippling snowstorms and freezing weather this past winter. Meanwhile, here in Bakersfield, CA, it’s almost time for us to take a dip in our swimming pools again!

In the coming months, we get to splash around and enjoy the heat. However, none of that is as fun or relaxing as it sounds when you see your utility bill afterward. Let’s discuss some unique ideas on how to keep the price of swimming pool ownership down.

When to Run Your Pool Pump

Are you looking for a way to keep your utility bill down? Run your pool pump during the evening. In some areas, it’s the cheapest time to have your pump running. Typically, the most expensive time is during 7 A.M. through 6 or 7 P.M. during the weekdays. Therefore, run your pool pump during the evening and see your electricity bill plunge down.

Buy Pool Chemicals in Bulk

Do you want to save money during the summer time? Buy your pool chemicals in bulk when pool stores offer specials on chemicals. This method can save you both time and money.

Water Waste

Swimming pool needs to be changed during the summer months and this makes water waste a problem. Water waste happens when evaporation, splashing, and leaks occur. No matter how much time you spend swimming laps or playing pool games, there are clever ways to reserve water waste:

  • Watch a film with family and friends outside in your swimming pool. If you have a projector screen and inflatable loungers or chairs, you can have neighbors over too and reduce additional splashing.

Dive into Savings

Having fun shouldn’t break the bank. At M & J Plastering, we want you and your loved ones to enjoy your pool and always stay up-to-date with swimming pool tricks. Call TODAY! 

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