Swimming Pool Tips: Resurfacing vs. Repainting

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Repainting vs Resurfacing Your Pool


Plastering and painting your pool remain durable in their own rights. Both methods withstand chemicals and natural conditions like harmful UV rays. Nevertheless, plastering typically lasts fifteen to twenty years while pool paint should be recoated every five years. Therefore, M & J Plastering knows that a strong resurface job not only lasts longer but it saves you money too.

Winner = Plaster 


When it comes to prepping your swimming pool for resurfacing or repainting, they both require you to drain your entire pool. Even though painting is seen by most people as the least labor-intensive choice out of the two, the chemicals used are still strong and unsafe for pets and kids. Furthermore, painting a pool takes days whereas resurfacing only takes several hours.

Winner = Paint


Both paint and plaster look fantastic, but after a few years pass by, plaster stays looking best. As previously stated, pool paint just doesn’t have the same durability as the right plaster does. We know a thing or two about pool plaster – we consider it our specialty.

Winner = Plaster

Price Tag

While resurfacing is pricier, it lasts much longer. When you need to repaint every five years, you’ll actually end up spending more money in the long run plus added maintenance. When you choose to resurface, you choose less maintenance and saving money down the road.

Winner = Plaster

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