10 Amazing Pool Features You Might Not Know About. You’re Welcome.

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10 Amazing Custom Pool Features to Consider

When it comes to adding amazing swimming pool features, one can certainly earn some bragging rights. From a simple fire pit to an extravagant grotto man cave; from picturesque waterfalls to ambient lighting – there are many ways to elevate your outdoor space.

Let’s read more about features that will make your poolscape drool-worthy:

1. Waterfalls

Okay, so this suggestion isn’t exactly unheard of, but it’s popular for a reason! A waterfall that combines simplicity and elegance is one of the most popular features to add to your backspace. It also recycles and uses the water of the pool, keeping it clean.

There are many designs and materials that you can choose from: natural stone, flagstones, or moss boulders; the options are endless.

Add a dramatic effect with LED lighting or control the flow of water to customize the look of your waterfall. Or install a layered fall on multiple rock tiers or choose a fall cascading down a concrete ledge.

2. Weeping Walls

Many homeowners love to have a weeping wall or a small fall made of moss boulders after exploring pool galleries or pictures on Pinterest. Weeping walls allow water to gush between moss rocks creating a soothing bubbling sound as you get near it.

3. Grotto

A natural grotto man cave is all you need to create a retreat in your backyard. With a large natural rock boulder that has hollow space under it, one can use it in many ways. You may like to swim under the grotto or build a swim-up bar and spa to have a hell of a time!

You may also like a pool grotto with a slide and a waterfall for a backyard oasis. Place some benches behind the waterfall for swimmers to relax and cool off.

Enhance the impact of this pool design with color-changing LED lighting that illuminates the cavern and adds a dramatic effect.

4. Bubblers

Imagine water spouting from shallow pool surfaces. It’s enchanting. Pool bubblers or gushers are small jets shooting streams of water to create gentle ripples on the surface.

You can adjust the height of the jets or combine them with beautiful LED lighting to create a striking centerpiece in your backyard. Have fun and make a splash with your kids on the bubblers spouting from the tanning deck or beach entry.

5. Tanning Ledge

pool features

When you want to lounge in style in the refreshing pool water, a tanning ledge is what you need. You can set up a tanning ledge as a beautiful part of pool features in the shallow side of your pool and bask in the sunshine.

For your young swimmers, it is the perfect spot to splash without wading into deeper ends of the pool. Add an umbrella and a few lounge chairs for a Caribbean experience.

6. Beach Entry

A zero-entry or beach entryway replaces the steps in your pool. A slope constructed at the shallow side of the pool mimics the gradual descent into the ocean. Even the deck level remains slightly submerged in this pool design.

You can customize the width of the beach entry. It can be as wide as the pool itself or narrower. Apart from aesthetics, beach-entry ensures a gentle descend into the deeper waters, making it a safer option for children as well.

7. Pool Slides

Another classic is the pool slide. Build your amusement park with pool slides that are great fun. Your kids and guests will have a ball, and every pool party that you throw will be an instant hit.

There are many colors, styles, and materials to complement your pool decking and coping. Choose custom-built pool slides that suit your pool that offer endless hours of fun.

8. Spa Spillways

When you want to create a backyard paradise, you need relaxing pool features like a raised spa for a complete resort-like look. An attached spillover spa is an eye candy and a perfect spot to lounge.

You can select from mosaic tiles, beautiful coping, and natural stones to design your raised spa. Also, there are options like an open spillway, bridge spillway, stacked spillway, and reflection spillway.

9. Fire Pit

Create a Zen-like corner in your backyard with a custom fire pit. It will warm you up after a refreshing night swim and serve as a hangout for your friends. You can choose a natural stone fire pit or a simple one for adding warmth to your yard.

10. Swim-Up Bar

Don’t want to get out of pool water to grab your drink? Add a swim-up bar to your pool design. Stack it up with non-alcoholic beverages for minors and cocktails for the fun parties you’ll throw at the poolside. Place sturdy bar stools and deck jets near the bar to indulge in the sheer pleasure of outdoors.

With these pool features, you can make the most of your massive pool investment. Choose the features that suit your preferences and ideas. Regardless of your choice, you wouldn’t regret this investment.

Why Install Pool Features in Your Home?

Any custom pool features not only add an aesthetic element but more character and depth to your home. They bring serenity and relaxation to outdoor spaces. Here are some other benefits of installing water in sight and sound.

a. Reduces Stress

Take your mind from stress to a relaxed mode with a constant movement of water in your pool. It alters the meditative state of your brain and causes your mind to relax. From reducing depression to managing the levels of anxiety, it promotes mental health in all possible ways.

b. Improves Mood

The soothing music of falling water calms the mind and gives you a reason to stay outdoors.

c. Increases Home Value

Homes having exciting custom pool features are more likely to get higher prices than homes with no significant landscaping. With the addition of an appealing water feature, your property will not only become attractive to potential buyers, but it adds value to your home.

Call M&J Plastering

When you’re ready to add any of these features, call M&J Plastering to explore our pool galleries showcasing the best features we can install in your backyard. Whatever your budget, we have a solution to fit your needs.

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