Pool Pet Safety Tips

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pool pet safety

The sunshine is finally coming back to greet us in Bakersfield, California. And with the rays beaming, comes family pool time again. As most pet owners will tell you – their pets are part of the family; therefore, before you let your dog splash around with you, you should consider a few safety precautions first.

While most people understand that swimming pools can be dangerous for small children, they don’t consider how equally dangerous they can be for your furry friend. Just like your kids, your pets love the sunshine and love the idea of splashing around in a large pool to cool down. Let’s go over some pool safety tips to keep your loved ones, yes, even the four-legged ones, safe.

Limit Pool Access

Fences are one of the oldest, most relied on a method to close off a certain portion of your yard. You can keep your dog away from your pool by using the help of a fence.

Show Your Pet How to Enter and Exit Your Pool

Many people think their pet just naturally knows how to swim. Wrong! Not every dog swims well on their own. However, they can be taught a few simple strokes or how to enter and exit the pool safely. Never just throw your dog into your pool! Search around for reliable pet training from reputable pet training sites and professionals.

Visual Aid

Dogs can’t always see what’s below them or in the distance. Therefore, a patio chair, a garden tool, or even a brightly-colored flag will help them find the exit better. Some dogs are too short to reach the first few steps on your pool. So, installing a small pet ramp helps them from drowning and boosts their confidence.

Safety Gear

There are safety alarms that fit on your pets collar and a remote alarm that goes off when the sensor is wet. Also, a pet floatation vet gives your pet more protection and lets you enjoy your time while they do their own thing. Always make sure your pet doesn’t get overheated while wearing any kind of safety alarm or vest.

pool pet safety

Pool Pet Safety Quick Tips to Remember:

  • Newborns and much older pets are generally the worst swimmers and most likely to fall in.
  • Keep your dog’s nails trimmed.
  • Always dry your pets’ ears after a swim so they don’t catch ear infections. If you aren’t sure how to dry your pet properly, always seek out the advice from a pet professional.
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