Tile setting is an important aspect of swimming pool design. Tile sets the mood for pools, expressing the look you want from peaceful to vibrant. Select from a wide range of tile sizes and colors, and our professional tile setters will install the tile exactly the way you want. We have a wide selection of tile, and can help you choose the size and the pattern that will coordinate best with your pool and overall look of your yard.

Sizes of tile

Tiles come in several sizes. For remodels, we recommend 6×6 inches for best results.


You’ll select a pattern for your tile, such as square, diagonal, or a combination of sizes. We have samples of types, colors and patterns in our showroom.

Types of tile

Porcelain, porcelain mosaic and glass mosaic tiles create a different look. In addition to trim tiles (the tiles on the wall of the pool above the water), you may want accent tiles or a mosaic pattern. We order all our tile from Pool Tile Warehouse. Explore the Pool Tile Warehouse site to see the wide selection of tile options.

Tile setting experts

Pools are our focus now and always have been. When you work with M & J Plastering, you can be confident that you’re getting the best service from people who understand the swimming pool business.


Tile cleaning is an excellent option for people who want to remodel their swimming pool, but are happy with the existing tile trim. Our team will make your tile look new again with a cleaning process that eliminates calcium deposits and that film-coated look. We use glass beads for a high pressure wash that removes stains and restores the finish on pool tile. Then, if you want, we’ll apply a clear sealer to increase the life of the tile before it will need extreme cleaning again. We pay attention to the environmental impact of cleaning and vacuum the residual powders that come off of the tile. Our process of tile cleaning is more effective and environmentally friendly than cleaning with chemicals.

Your Pool Plastering Specialists

M & J Plastering specializes in swimming pools. We bring 80 years’ combined experience to every project, whether a repair or complete remodel and plaster replacement.  it’s not an add-on service for us. You can count on getting the highest quality and level of satisfaction when you trust our experience.

Pool plastering repair service

Over time, many swimming pools may crack. Professional repair prolongs the life of your pool and prevents water loss and waste. M & J Plastering will examine the area and make sure that the repair is thorough and complete. We are experts at matching surfaces for a seamless finish.

Plaster replacement for remodeling

Remodeling your pool updates your back yard view and provides many hours of relaxation and fun for your family. So when you want to modernize the look of your pool, the plaster surface is a significant portion of the work. Our crews have experience applying the surface and hand finishing for a smooth look that will last for many years.




The Pebble Tec® Advantage

Pebble Technology is the top choice for pool lovers seeking a personalized pool experience that enhances outdoor living spaces. As a result, they have a reputation for The World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes™. Pebble Tec is a high quality, natural-looking finish that mimics the look of riverbeds or a smooth rock beach. Benefits include:

  • Natural look of stone – The materials we use are tumbled stone and pebbles from around the world.
  • Variety of colors – You can choose from white to deep, rich colors, all with the variety that makes your finish unique. The color of your pool water relates directly to the color and type of finish you select.
  • Leading brand technology – Pebble Tec is the industry leader in part because of the manufacturing process that ensures durability with low maintenance requirements.
  • Choices in texture – Choose from five different products and three enhancements to create your own individual look.

Pebble Tec Options

Choose the look you want and your pool water color from many high-quality options. All of our products are available with non-slip and stain-resistant surfaces.

  • Pebble Tec Original – Ideal for those who want a natural, earthy look and texture with large pebbles.
  • PebbleSheen® – The surface has a more refined texture than original, with smaller pebbles.
  • PebbleFina®– The smallest natural pebbles are in PebbleFina for a smooth aggregate finish. The product has superior strength and durability when compared to a traditional pool finish.
  • BeadCrete® — A brilliant glass finish sets BeadCrete apart from a traditional stone. It’s comprised of smooth glass beads with a luxuriant texture.
  • PebbleBrilliance® — This finish blends glass beads with natural stone for a unique look and durability. Proprietary additives provide a uniform composition and vivid color.

After selecting the surface, you may want to add an enhancement such as:

Please visit Pebble Technology International for more information about the surfaces and color options available.