Pool Cleaning Tiles and Remodel



While we’re working on the plaster or pebble surface, it’s easy to install a dedicated vacuum line that makes it easier to keep the pool clean.


Inevitable water evaporation is no problem with auto-fill. Forget about leaving the water hose on to re-fill the pool! Auto-fill does all the work for you.


The type of decking you choose for your pool area helps complete the look of your outdoor living area. We specialize in stamped concrete of varying colors, and traditional salt finishes.


Lighting can add a whole new dimension to the look of your pool. Talk with us about options for lighting, including LED for a cool look.


Coping is the edging around your pool, and you have many choices such as shape, color, and material. Talk with us about the look you want to create for your pool, and we’ll be happy to offer suggestions that will coordinate well with the decking, tile work, and pool surface.