Fountains are a beautiful feature to add to any home or business. There is nothing more soothing than the gentle sound of water in a fountain. M & J Plastering has expertise in creating fountains in all shapes and sizes. Plastering is our specialty, it’s not an add-on service for us. You can count on getting the highest quality and level of satisfaction when you trust our experience. Keep in mind the following considerations about fountains:

  • A concrete fountain is durable in the complete range of weather elements.
  • Recirculating pumps keep water moving and don’t waste water. Some water is lost to evaporation in the summer, or there may be splashes depending on the style of the fountain.
  • You may need water treatment to keep the water clean and clear. We’ll cover all of that when we install your fountain.
  • A variety of finishes are available to create an attractive look that complements your home or business.

Talk with us about the type of fountain you’re envisioning. We’ll work with you so that you get exactly what you want.