Slide Into the Month of March With A Pool Slide

By udm - March 8th, 2018 in Uncategorized


The month of March brings back the Bakersfield heat. What better way to escape the sun rays by splashing into your pool for a cool, and refreshing dip? Once you’ve reopened your pool, kept it spotless and made any renovations, it’s time to add some fun elements too. M & J Plastering thinks pool slides are great because they can use by anyone in the family and they’re inexpensive design features that boost the look of your backyard getaway. Here are two slide types we enjoy and recommend. 

Straight Leg Fun

The shape of this slide is straight at the top with a curve at the middle or bottom. Furthermore, these slides are usually roomy, making it fun for a lot of age groups. slide

Or Add a slide with a bit of stonework to it for a luxurious feel.


Let’s Get Funky

If common slides shapes don’t resonate with you and you’re looking for a totally funky pool accessory, we recommend going for an elephant leg slide, like the G-Force shape. The G-Force shape slide has a loop shape that looks, and it’s commonly a lot taller.

What’s Makes Your Dream Backyard?

Call M & J Plastering today to learn more about designing and creating special features for your swimming pool space and become the most popular home on the block!

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